Women of Destiny

Women of Destiny Is the women’s ministry of Salvation Center San Antonio.

Our goal is to empower women to do their best in all the roles they find themselves. As a wife, mother, and career woman. We have a quarterly breakfast meeting as well as monthly prayer meetings to facilitate this goal. As women of destiny, we are our sisters’ keepers and we stay connected to each other.  Our goal is to make every woman, both young and old, feel like they belong when they walk into the church and to recognize the love of Christ in us.  Every third Sunday of every month we do a presentation in the church on health awareness and also some of the struggles women and men face on a daily basis; our mission is to create awareness for the body of Christ to ensure that the church is holistic – spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. We encourage women to have a strong prayer life as we know that prayer is the only way we can prevail against the difficulties of this world.

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Recent Sermons

Sun | Dec 27, 20